The Most unhinged pitch event on the internet.

Here's what you need to know:

The basics

April 1, 2024

10am - 8pm EST


On X, formerly known as Twitter.


Use #ChaosPit to find your gremlins.


Max 3 pitches per project.


But what is it?

#ChaosPit is a just-for-fun, community building pitch event in which you describe your book badly.


Yes, badly.


No perfectionists allowed. We want chaos demons, we want messy fifth drafts, we want absolute anarchy. Give us your AITA posts, the weirdest comps you've got, and so many memes.


What is a chaos pitch?

A girl gets sent to a thunderdome to atone for old men’s war crimes and decides to fuck around and find out. (Hunger Games)


Albino teen from Arizona relocates to Werewolf Capital, WA and meets a 100+ year old vegetarian vampire who thinks she smells like heroin. (Twilight)


Princess goes pew pew. Droids go beep boop. Giant death planet goes brrrrr. Until a young man uses the force. Then it goes boom. (Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope)


We told you. Badly.

Is anyone watching?

Oh, you mean like, literary agents? Not sure.


Other writers who will join you in optimistically screaming into the void? YUP! 

Does my book have to be finished?

Look, this is chaos. We aren't going to tell you what to do.


This is mostly to find other writer friends! Feel free to share your ideas, your WIPs, or your beta-approved drafts. Indie & trad pubbed peeps & trad hopefuls welcome!


But keep in mind that if an agent somehow catches wind of this thing, you might want to be able to send them a complete manuscript, so consider pitching projects that are within spitting distance of a polished draft.

Who gave you the right?

Why only 3 pitches?

Again, we can't tell you what to do. But in our experience, narrowing things down to the best you've got might be a good plan.


We also dont want to completely overwhelm the internet feeds with our silliness. We're aiming to mildly overwhelm.

But why?

But why not?

Just on twitter?

Friend, this is #ChaosPit!!! Tweet / 'gram / 'tok into the void where ever you want!


But, yeah, we'll be hanging on twitter mostly.

Who are you?

We're a bunch of writers, readers and nerds who hang out in a discord community called We Write At Dawn.


If you like our vibe, come hang out with us.